Quite Week in May

I was away with work this week so nothing at the club. Did a spot of painting. Found a little hobby shop on the island as I was out of purple paint, it’s a hidden gem in Sandown so if visiting the island check it out, website Upstairs Downstairs Lastly Andy Hall, world famous writer… Continue reading Quite Week in May

Lockdown Tidy Up

Talking to Tom we both mulled over that we had painted a lot of stuff over the year inside. I am also aware that I have been hammering you recently with the Seven Year War. This is also nowhere near everything I have painted in lockdown but I need somewhere to put the the SYW… Continue reading Lockdown Tidy Up

Assault Intercessors 1st Floor Done!

The protracted process of me growing a knee back is not going as well as one could hope. These week I have started to get some of my mental faculties back and this has shone a light on exactly how rubbish spending all day in either bed or an armchair is. A man came to… Continue reading Assault Intercessors 1st Floor Done!

WIP Assault Intercessors

I have a plan. The plan is simple. Until I can walk properly I am painting stuff in the house. Which is mostly Dark Angels. The next cool thing I have is the Assault Intercessors. These cheeky monkeys are pretty good in a scrap. I can’t help myself. Chain swords should have chevrons. That is… Continue reading WIP Assault Intercessors