March Week 2 more ASOIAF

I seem to be at sixes and sevens as to what to paint. I am still very much ASOIAF but struggling to focus on the next project. After going this way and that Patrick has pushed me towards Renly Baratheon so I think that is the way forward. I also have lots of flowers to… Continue reading March Week 2 more ASOIAF

March Week 1 Hobby

I missed last week as the Soldier family were having a sad week burying my Grandmother! But hobby recommenced and the world feels a little better! Painting has been a bit slow. But the Lannisters I have, bar some characters, are all done now. I have Greyjoys on the way, Baratheons and Starks undercoated. Having… Continue reading March Week 1 Hobby

Feb Week 3, Hobby Round up and Painting faster

Played a game with Darling Daughter On to painting quickly tips. Let’s start with the simplest, be neat. If you stay in the lines you paint once not twice, going back is rubbish. Work from the deepest part of the model out, this helps with be neat as you are doing the hard to get… Continue reading Feb Week 3, Hobby Round up and Painting faster

2nd Post in February!

I think the Saturday morning posting thing is working for me. I haven’t failed to post this year (one was a Sunday but I was at a board game show) This week I got a game in and painted some more CMON A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures for the Nights Watch. I have… Continue reading 2nd Post in February!

Hobby Week 4

A little late but finally made it to the sofa to write the blog, one advantage of doing it in the evening I get a beer! I was partnered up Daniel vs Patrick with huge armies. I thin’ the size of the armies and trying to teach us guys was pretty taxing on poor Pat… Continue reading Hobby Week 4

Hobby Week 2 of the Year

This week I have got very excited about Cool Mini or not Song of Ice and Fire! As I was poorly last week we didn’t get the historical game in so the club played SoIaF. This week we got a four player in! Big thanks to Patrick for sorting it out and putting a good… Continue reading Hobby Week 2 of the Year