End of May

Got back to Game of Thrones this week, demo game for Simon at the club. He seemed to like it, and it was an awesome battle! My Nordland army is one of the poorer provinces and I see the posting there for the Reiksguard to be the one that attracts the worst of the regiment,… Continue reading End of May

February Week 4

Look at me go, two months consistent blogging. Been a very busy week. Crammed in six games since last Friday and finished the Warriors Sons Pat had chosen a strategy of no None Combat Units giving me full access to the tactics board, this lead to an amount of frustration for Pat but much more… Continue reading February Week 4

Final Post of 2202

Weekly round up of hobby, this feels like something I can manage without too much stress! I want to get the Knights finished, Brendan is telling me off for not painting the Witch Elves he’s sent me! I may also get dragged away to paint some bits for Xenos Rampant. But an exciting hobby week… Continue reading Final Post of 2202

Back at the Blog

Tom always says that a lot of the blog post out there are the apologies for not posting. I think blogs become that neglected part of the garden that you don’t see unless you wander down to that part and stare sadly at the overgrown area you once cherished! The new plan is to do… Continue reading Back at the Blog

Want to the know the most expensive way to build ten Silver Helms?

Silver Helms have been a gap in my army for donkeys years. I truly wish I had kept the original ones I had from the 4th edition launch! If any one has some they want to get rid of please let me know? I had been eyeing up a combo of the horses from the… Continue reading Want to the know the most expensive way to build ten Silver Helms?