March Week 2 more ASOIAF

I seem to be at sixes and sevens as to what to paint. I am still very much ASOIAF but struggling to focus on the next project. After going this way and that Patrick has pushed me towards Renly Baratheon so I think that is the way forward. I also have lots of flowers to… Continue reading March Week 2 more ASOIAF

2nd Post in February!

I think the Saturday morning posting thing is working for me. I haven’t failed to post this year (one was a Sunday but I was at a board game show) This week I got a game in and painted some more CMON A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures for the Nights Watch. I have… Continue reading 2nd Post in February!

Hobby Week 3

We are making some real progress on the Lannister forces. Hoping to have 40 points (standard force size) this week! Gaming wise I got a game of Blood Bowl in. I haven’t played the new rules so this was interesting! Managed to blag a draw but took five casualties on a Dwarf team, I will… Continue reading Hobby Week 3

Hobby Week 2 of the Year

This week I have got very excited about Cool Mini or not Song of Ice and Fire! As I was poorly last week we didn’t get the historical game in so the club played SoIaF. This week we got a four player in! Big thanks to Patrick for sorting it out and putting a good… Continue reading Hobby Week 2 of the Year

Week One 2023 Hobby Activity

So the soldiers household has been hit with all manner of lurgy so hobby activity has been a little slow. Whilst feeling sorry for myself I built a Blood Bowl Treeman Hoping for a better week next week. Definitely getting a game in, going to get some stuff painted and will start some kind plan… Continue reading Week One 2023 Hobby Activity

Final Post of 2202

Weekly round up of hobby, this feels like something I can manage without too much stress! I want to get the Knights finished, Brendan is telling me off for not painting the Witch Elves he’s sent me! I may also get dragged away to paint some bits for Xenos Rampant. But an exciting hobby week… Continue reading Final Post of 2202

Austrian Cuirasses

From painting the ElCid armies I learnt a lot about painting horses. John Stallards top tip is to colour spray your horses. Getting the horses done first is makes painting cavalry less of a pain. There is a lot of white on these guys which is hard, but but I think they really pop on… Continue reading Austrian Cuirasses

Hanoverian Musketeers

Really enjoyed painting these and am very tempted to do a whole force. I think the red and buff look amazing and these guys are the real underdogs in the field, facing France and Austria! The flags aren’t strictly correct and I will have to have a think about them if I do a whole… Continue reading Hanoverian Musketeers