So Tom and I convened on a wet and slightly snowy Wednesday night with the firm intention to play Warhammer 8th ed. He brought with him Orcs and Goblins where as I had pulled together Undead Vampires!

Tom wanted his giant to do bad things to me. He was herding herds of goblins and Squigs

The rest of Tom’s team

This was my undead line

A shot from the other end of the table

Same of mine

I start out slow shuffling forward. This turned out to be a terrible plan as I got eaten piece meal

Despite not moving for three turns these 80 not playing any part in the game Tom still soundly won. Here his Shaman attempts to cast the Bad Moon Rising! But fluffs it

Tom’s Boar Boyz has the game of their lives killing: 10 Dire Wolves, Morris Engine and 5 Black Knights

Tom’s giant smashes smelliest. I held back with the Zombies, bad move

Tom had a resounding victory and crushed me. But I remembered how much I loved Warhammer, which was the real winner!


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