College of Shadow finished

Project Dungeon Bowl was a bit of a whim purchase as Element Games had it on sale. There is a lot in the box and gave me a proper painting agenda to get my teeth into.

I am somewhat staled as I have started painting an old Thorgrim Grudgebearer I rescued from eBay, but this morning I did complete the bases on six Dark Elves for the Shadow team.

12 Shadows

This brings me to 38 players done and as I reckon it will be about 100 models in all that makes us on about 38% of the project!

I didn’t go with the purple scheme from the book as I want that for the College of Shadows. I like the greys and gluey greys, spot colouring with the warp stone green.

Pretty happy with them just need to get Thorgrim done and back to them!

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