Hobby Week 3

Two units for the Lannisters

We are making some real progress on the Lannister forces. Hoping to have 40 points (standard force size) this week!

These are the Halberdiers needing basing!
The second unit of Guardsmen
Also got the trays done ready for more soldiers

Gaming wise I got a game of Blood Bowl in. I haven’t played the new rules so this was interesting! Managed to blag a draw but took five casualties on a Dwarf team, I will be mostly loner Linemen next game!

The Dwarf Warhammerers, mostly now in hospital!

Shout out to Nick my opponent who was lovely to play against and tried to help me. And Boss Nick at the club for sorting a game out for me!

Well that is the weeks round up. Pretty pleased with everything! Last note GW Purity Seal is now £14, have you not got enough money Mr Kirby?

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