Prussian Fusiliers

Starting to think that a lot of this weeks blog posts are going to be very similar. I will try and spice it up with some other things than Seven Years War, but for now here is some more Seven Years War, it is my current project!

Probably my favourite banners

So hats are a big thing in this period and there are some rules. Standard musketeers go tricorn, fusiliers have little metal plates at the front, grenadiers are bear skins or big mitres, Hussars are fur hats or something a bit like a fez, cuirasses are back to tricorns, dragoon’s likewise!

So the 35th Prussian Fussiliers look like this, there are some assumptions on the colour scheme as records aren’t great for the period.

Prussian army with Hanoverian allies forming nicely now!

Was missing a pole so had to add spike!

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