Back at the Blog

Tom always says that a lot of the blog post out there are the apologies for not posting. I think blogs become that neglected part of the garden that you don’t see unless you wander down to that part and stare sadly at the overgrown area you once cherished!

The new plan is to do you a weekly roundup. So every Saturday you can have a this is what I have done this week thing.


First part of the week was working on the Rohan.
Finished Riders
Finished Infantry
Next on Wednesday got a game of 5th edition Warhammer in!

I got to battle against Patrick’s High Elves. I had forgotten how tough they are. 5th saw some of the cool bits come in like citizens levies. Meaning extra ranks for shooting and fighting. Add to that that my Orcs and Goblins weren’t ready to be re immersed in 5th, should have bought a giant and a level four wizard!

I have spent the rest of the week getting ready for Christmas! I am thinking about trying Bretonnians or Empire (need more Knights) against the High Elves if Pat is up for that!


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